Ancient City to Ancient Palace Sri Kshetra (3N/4D)

Bagan – Min Hla – A Kauk Taung – Pyay

Day-1 (Monday)

Check-in opens from 08:00am. Afternoon visit to Bagan City and enjoy sunset.

Day-2 (Tuesday)

Early morning start sailing downstream. Approaching to Min Hla at late afternoon. Min Hla is known for its fort which was built by Italian architects to help Burmese King to keep the British at bay from advancing their troops towards the north. Moor overnight at mid river close to Min Hla City.

Day-3 (Wednesday)

Breakfast with enjoying morning beauty of Ayeyarwaddy. Morning visit to Min Hla Fort. A discussion or a demonstration of traditional subject will be held on Sundeck in afternoon. Moor overnight at mid river near typical village.

Day-4 (Thursday)

Sailing begins at early morning by passing Pyay (Prome) at around 08:00am. Downriver to A Kauk Taung to enjoy its famous cliffs standing on the bank of Ayeyarwaddy River. Passing with slow sailing close to cliffs as much as possible to view the Buddha images carved in stone cliffs. Sailing back again upstream and estimated arrival to Pyay at around 04:00pm.