Mandalay: Exotic Vacation in Myanmar’s Fabulous Cultural Center

Nowadays, travel to Myanmar becomes one of the most popular choices that tourists from around the world make. This country is attractive holiday destination today due to its unfamiliar and exotic atmosphere, which will offer visitors a lot of unforgettable memories from their stay in this beautiful Southeast Asian country.

Mandalay is probably the most popular place of interest for the tourists, being Myanmar’s cultural center. This is the destination that Myanmar tour operators advertise the most, because of its pre-colonial look that will return the visitors back in the centuries before the influence of Western civilization. The city itself is an open-air museum that reveals the exotic culture and traditions of the local people. Tourists will be astonished at the beautiful old art crafts, like skilful gold embroidery, Bronze casting, wood carving, and the so-called Kalakan.
Among the surprises that this amazing city offers, is the royal palace, located on the Mandalay hill’s foot. That palace has been built by king Mindon, who established the city as Buddhistic center, so there are many sites that reveal the local religion. Although the palace has been destroyed almost a century ago, during the World War II, today it is fully restored to its original design and considered one of the most popular places to visit in Myanmar. The guests will truly enjoy dining at the Floating Restaurant, located inside the palace.

Another popular attraction in Myanmar is Shwe-nandaw Monastery, which is the only palace’s residence that has remained from those times and is famous with the fact that the royal palace’s founder has died there. This beautiful monastery has been built with stunning wood carvings.

Your Mandalay sightseeing tour should definitely include the popular Maha-muni Pagoda. This pagoda is the most sacred place in the region, as it keeps the Maha-mani Buddha’s image, brought here from the far Rakhine State. Your Myanmar travel agent will advise you to visit this place early in the morning to be able to see the special ritual held here each morning. During the religious ceremony, the face of Buddha is washed.

One more famous pagoda is the so-called Kuthodaw Pagoda built in 1857 by the previously mentioned King Mindon. It attracts tourists with its impressive stone wedges, which contain the whole Buddhist Scriptures. The total of 792 wedges surround the pagoda and present the biggest book in the world, also called the Buddhist Canon.

There are many more attractions to visit in Mandalay that will make your holiday pleasurable and unique. If you plan to travel to Myanmar, Mandalay is definitely a must-see place to visit in Myanmar.