10 Best Secret Dive Spots in the World

Fish-Rock-Cave-Sharks 1. Fish Rock Dive Center, South West Rocks, Australia

Fish Rock Dive is the most sooth-after dive center in the South West Rocks, Australia. The Fish Rock Cave offers a great diving experience and spectacular view of marine life, including huge number of sharks. Fish Rock is the home of endangered species of great grey nurse sharks.


Source: dive2000.com.au

2. Navy Pier, Australia

Navy Pier is located under the wharf of the Australian Navy. Navy Pier is an easy dive, 15 meters maximum deep with no current. It is also the home of the Nurse Sharks, as well as the odd-looking Wobbegong Shark and other interesting underwater animals like frog fishes, scorpion fishes and a lot more.


Source: diveadvisor.com


3. Ningaloo Marine Park, Western Australia

Ningaloo reef’s dive is 260 km off Western Australia’s mid-north coast. Great white sharks and whales welcome every diver upon approaching the vast coral lagoons.



4. Similan Islands, Thailand

Similan Islands is located in the western Andaman Sea. There are 2 main kinds of diving experience here. The west side of the island offers 40 meters dive of massive granite boulders matted with soft and hard corals, and the east side which offers sloping coral reefs, a little shallower than that of the west, but much more enjoyable to the non-professional divers.


Source: flyingfourchette.com


5. Great Blue Hole, Belize

Great blue holes have been a common attraction for divers, but the Great Blue Hole of Belize stands out because the hole offers a variety of underwater animals. It is said that the Great Blue Hole of Belize has the richest marine life out of all the famous Great Blue Holes of the world.


Source: visithopkinsvillagebelize.com

6. Palau Dive Spots, Pacific

Palau is an island located at the heart of the western Pacific Ocean. Its dive spots are famous for its World War II shipwrecks. Today, the shipwrecks served as the home of variety of fish species.

Aerial Rock Islands Palau

Source: palaudiving.wordpress.com



7. Red Sea, Egypt

The Red Sea is the most gorgeous place to go diving with beautiful, popular resorts. It is the top ranking tourist attraction in all of Egypt. The Red Sea is known for its spectacular visibility as it appears red, and is the home of exotic seascapes.


Source: khiruna.com


8. Cocos island, Costa Rica

Coco’s Island is located at the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. The island itself has a vast virgin forest and the sea offers magnificent diving. If you are a shark lover, Cocos Island is for you. Sharks found in the area are White-tip sharks, Great White, hammerheads and a lot more.

Cocos Island, Costa Rica, February 2004, Eastern Tropical Pacific Seascape



9. Bunaken, Indonesia

Bunaken is located at the north island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. Bunaken offers over 70% of the species that lives in the western Pacific Ocean. Just imagine the variety of fish a diver can see under the ocean.

deep of bunaken

Source: javabackpacker.blogspot.com


10. SS Yongala Wreck, Australia

Among the famous shipwrecks throughout Australia, the SS Yongala Wreck has become the most sought out diving spot among divers. Divers can get to experience a whole different kind of adventure than the usual diving explorations since the whole area is rich in history and covered with mystery. The shipwreck is also home to many marine species that divers can enjoy viewing.