10 of America’s Best and Coolest Bars To Drink At

Alcohol aficionado or not, we have compiled a list of the 10 best and coolest bars that you can go to, in America. Ready? Read on.



1. Frost Ice Bar

Location: Boston

The world’s biggest permanent ice bar is found here. You’d definitely be given poncho once you arrived there.



Source: Flickr Sam Howzit

2. Three Dots and a Dash

Location: Chicago

Are you fond of sipping rum-based drinks from seashells and coconuts? Well, this is your ultimate tiki bar!




3. Founding Fathers Pub

Location: Buffalo, NY

Free nachos, bartenders listing off trivias, and historic decorations are the reasons you should visit this bar.



Source: Miami New Times

4. The Broken Shaker

Location: Miami

Want to have a laid-back setting while having your drink? Well, this is the perfect bar for you. Besides having the best hand-crafted cocktails in Miami, the lounge chairs and outside patio would definitely attract you.



Source: New York

5. Dead Rabbit

Location: New York City

Vast and incredible selection of whiskey and beer grace this bar’s ground-floor taproom. You’d most likely be considered not cool, if you haven’t been it, even once.



Source: Thrillist

6. Basement Tavern

Location: Santa Monica, CA

The exterior of this bar looks like a Victorian mansion, but what awaits inside is a whole different story!



Source: Starlight SF

7. Novela

Location: San Francisco

Self-acclaimed bookworm? This is for you. This bar is lined up with books, and drinks are even named after authors and novels.



Source: Unicorn Seattle

8. The Unicorn Bar

Location: Seattle

A fan of circus? Then, this is the bar to go. The free cotton candy and deep-fried Twinkies would make you feel like a kid again.


"Donny Dirk's is a bar. A saloon. A drinkery. A defiant outpost of madness in a world gone sane. A rest stop for the wicked on the way to hell. Or just a place to drink your sorrows away. They're flexible." Don't let the warehouse neighborhood fool you - this is the place to be. Perfectly retro seedy, with zombie and slasher B-movies on the screens overhead, while 80s punk is playing in the background. The strong artisan cocktails will brace you for the zombie apocalypse.


9. Donny Dirk’s Zombie Den

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

This spooky bar would let you watch zombie horror films on loop. So if you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, this bar is for you. They also named their drinks based on zombies.



Source: Feast Magazine

10. Garage Bar

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

Astroturf benches and glowing pingpong balls are the stars of this bar.

Source: PopSugar

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