6 Beautiful Road Trips To Take From Los Angeles

Say hello to the open road and unwind!

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1. Ocotillo Wells State Vehicle Recreation Area
Camp nearby and try their variety of off road vehicles.
Location: Borrego Springs, CA
Distance from LA: 173 miles; 3-hour drive


Big Bear Lake

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2. Big Bear Lake
Known for its natural hot springs.
Location: San Bernardino County, California
Distance from LA: 98 miles; 2-hour drive



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3. Carlsbad
Also known as “The Village by the Sea”. A very popular tourist destination because of long oceanside paths.
Location: San Diego County, California
Distance from LA: 90 miles; 1.5-hour drive



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4. The Salton Sea
The largest lake in California. It was accidentally created in an attempt to increase water flow for agricultural purposes. A great place for picnics and exploration.
Location: Imperial and Riverside counties, California
Distance from LA: 161 miles; 2.5-hour drive



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5. Solvang
Get a taste of Denmark! This quaint town attracts tourists from all over the world.
Location: Santa Barbara County, California
Distance from LA: 128 miles; 2-hour drive



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6. Catalina
Visit the Avalon Underwater Dive Park, go biking, kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, and shipwreck exploring!
Location: Channel Islands of California
Distance from LA: 29 miles and a boat ride; 1.5-hour drive