5 Camping Hacks You Should Know!

shirt 1

photo: postwarhike feature: dumpaday

1. Using your shirt to filter water.
Um, you can use the ones you don’t have on too!


lint and jelly

photo: willowhavenoutdoor

2. Make fire starters.
Simply grab lint, or a cotton ball. Roll it in petroleum jelly.



photo: themamasgirls

3. Turn a jug with water into a lamp.
Fill any translucent jug with water. Strap a light to it and voila!


watch 1

photo: wikimedia

4. Use your watch as a compass.
Yes, you have thought about it too. And you were right. It is possible!



photo: playbuzz

5. Waterproof your shoes.
Rub beeswax all over your shoes to make them waterproof.