Are there prerequisites if one wishes to go on a great adventure? Is there a certain age limit if you want to become an “Adventure Traveler?” Some people say that only people who are young, fit, have the budget to travel, and have enough travel experience can go on the greatest outdoor travel adventures. Well, these presumptions are all false. In fact, anyone can become a great outdoor travel adventurer if he has the desire and drive to do so. The fuss that an outdoor adventurer should be like this or must be like that is all part of a myth that’s been circulating for the longest time.

5 Busted Adventure Travel Myths

Myth #1: Only young people can be adventurous


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An overused excuse used by people who doesn’t want to travel and go on an adventure. If you want to discover the beauty of this planet and want to be adventurous for a change, then, whatever your age is, it’s never too late to try.

Myth #2: It is expensive


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It is true that there are travel adventures that are costly. But there are also places where travel adventurers can go without spending too much cash. Like for example, in the remote beaches of Mexico’s Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, you can go on a 4 day hiking adventure for only $10 U.S. dollars, which is about $2.50 U.S. dollars per day.

Myth # 3: Only super athletes can go on adventures


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Yes, being physically fit has its advantages and it can make hiking much easier. But it doesn’t mean that if a person is out of shape, then he can no longer enjoy the thrills and excitement of a hiking adventure. There are a lot of guided tours that introduces different levels of intensity to choose from. Levels like easy, moderate, challenging, and strenuous.

Myth #4: Going on an adventure is dangerous


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Anything that involves outdoor adventure has a risk factor in it. That is why proper preparation and planning is a must when one wants to go on a great escapade. By careful planning and proper preparation, the dangers and risks that can be encountered are greatly reduced.

Myth #5: Only skilled outdoors person can go on an adventure


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There is no rule that says; only skilled outdoor people can go on an adventure. Even a beginner can experience the thrill and excitement of the great outdoors. All that’s need to be done is to learn and research on the type of adventure they wish to venture from. From rock climbing to surfing, there are many camps that cater to beginners regarding the ins and outs of any adventure activity.