10 Spectacular Destinations In USA That Will Take Your Breath Away

Here are some stunning photographs of places in USA that will literally take your breath away!

1. Lightning, Grand Canyon, Arizona


Source: Borzui


2. Oneonta Canyon, Oregon

2Source: Lovely Clusters


3. Glacier National Park, Montana

3Source: Three Land


4. Cathedral Rock, Sedona, Arizona

4Source: Fine Art America


5. Fall Creek Falls, Tennessee.

Fall Creek Falls is one impressive waterfall. It’s 256 feet tall, so the icicles you see hanging down are as big around as telephone poles and 30 feet long.

5Source: Flickr


6. Autumn Arch, Central Park, NYC

6Source: Forgotten New York


7. Alvord Desert, Oregon

In a very magical place in Oregon’s remote Alvord Desert often you can see displays of light that you can hardly believe.

7Source: The Happening


8. Moon, Phoenix Arizona

8Source: Flickr


9. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

9Source: Just In Love With Berni


10. Bayou Bridge, Louisiana