10 of the World’s Best Waterparks For the Kids And Kids-At-Heart!


photo: funthrill feature: atlantisbahamas

1. Schlitterbahn
Location: South Padre Island, Texas, USA

Only the South Padre has the gargantuan sand castle.


Avalanche Bay

photo: theactivetimes

2. Avalanche Bay
Location: Boyne Falls, Michigan, USA

Try The Big Couloir and your sanity will swim away.



photo: minitime

3. Hersheypark
Location: Hershey, Pennsylvania

Gorge on chocolates and splash around!


splish splash

photo: pinterest

4. Splish Splash
Location: Long Island, New York

Try The Battle of Mutiny Bay with a group of friends, fight off water blasts and get them good too.


Typhoon Lagoon

photo: youtube

5. Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon
Location: Orlando, Florida

Try the Humunga Kowabunga and go through the caves.


Happy Magic Water Cube

photo: planyourcity

6. Happy Magic Water Cube
Location: Beijing, China

The AquaLoop will leave you breathless with its 40-foot vertical free fall drop and lets you slide down at an exhilarating speed.


Città Del Mare

photo: alltours

7. Città Del Mare Hotel
Location: Palermo, Italy

Complete the top-to-bottom journey and you’ll end up in the Mediterranean Sea.


Yas Waterworld

photo: youtube

8. Yas Waterworld
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Make sure you and your friends try out the Dawwama – THE tornado ride which is for 6 people in one raft in a 20-meter high funnel.


Atlantis, Bahamas

photo: atlantisbahamas

9. Atlantis, Bahamas
Location: Paradise Island, Bahamas

Try the Serpent Slide and go through a clear tunnel in a shark-infested lagoon.


Beach Park

photo: caldasturismo

10. Beach Park
Location: Fortaleza, Brazil

Insano is aptly name as it is the tallest and fastest waterslide in the whole world.