11 Stunning Scenes You’ll Only Find In Italy

It doesn’t matter what kind of scenery or environs you are looking for, because you will find them all in Italy. From mountain range of Dolomites to stunning coastal villages of Cinque Terre, from small wine shops in narrow colourful streets of Tuscany to monuments of immense historical and cultural importance in Rome. Italy has it all.

We present you such 11 stunning scenes you’ll only find in Italy.

1. Cliffs Of Capri

Cliffs-Of-Capri-Photo-Credit-Antonio-CamaraPhoto Credit- Antonio Camara

2. Tuscany Wine Shop

Tuscany-Wine-Shop-Photo-Credit-Al-HurleyPhoto Credit- Al Hurley

A small wine shop on a steep street in Cortona Tuscany Italy


3. Colosseum At Sunset

Colosseum-At-Sunset-Photo-Credit-Christopher-ChanPhoto Credit- Christopher Chan

Non-traditional composition of Colosseum back lit with colors of setting sky.


4. Windows Of Portofino

Windows-Of-Portofino-Photo-Credit-Joana-KrusePhoto Credit- Joana Kruse

Portofino – a port city in Liguria on the Mediterranean Sea with many yachts. A meeting place for the rich.


5. Tuscan Homes

Tuscan-Homes-Photo-Credit-Inge-JohnssonPhoto Credit- Inge Johnsson

House fronts in the Tuscan hill town of Pienza


6. Amalfi Coast Town

Amalfi-Coast-Town-Photo-Credit-George-Oze-Photo Credit- George Oze

High Angle View of a Hillside Town, Positano, Campania, Italy.


7. Venice Canale Grande

Venice-Canale-Grande-Photo-Credit-Dominic-Kamp-PhotographyPhoto Credit- Dominic Kamp Photography

South Canale Grande on Santa Maria della Salute.

8. Vernazza Pomeriggio

Vernazza-Pomeriggio-Photo-Credit-Inge-JohnssonPhoto Credit- Inge Johnsson

Late afternoon in Vernazza, a small town in Italy’s Cinque Terre National Park.


9. Lake Maggiore

Lake-Maggiore-Photo-Credit-Joana-Kruse1Photo Credit- Joana Kruse

A man in a boat on Lake Maggiore in Italy during sunset


10. Fog In Tuscan Valley

Fog-In-Tuscan-Valley-Photo-Credit-Inge-JohnssonPhoto Credit- Inge Johnsson

The Val d’Orcia, or Valdorcia, is a region of Tuscany, central Italy, which extends from the hills south of Siena to Monte Amiata.


11. The Dolomites

The-Dolomites-Photo-Credit-Dan-YegerPhoto Credit- Dan Yeger

The Giau Mountain Pass (elevation 2236 m)- The Dolomites mountains Veneto, Italy

Source: www.earthporm.com