12 Vibrant, Exciting and Lively Reasons to Visit Provincetown!

No one forgets the first time they visit Provincetown! It is a small, beautiful and an incredibly vibrant coastal resort town which is at the extreme tip of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It is famous for its cosmopolitan mix of people, beautiful beaches, talented artists, busy harbor, and has a famous status as a vacation destination for the LGBT community who make up the cornerstone of its vibrant culture.

1. Scenic Exploring

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Provincetown is a great place for those of you who love the outdoors! You can walk down Commercial Street taking in the sights or if you are wanting some out-of-town adventure then the Cape Cod National Seashore will offer you this for sure!

2. Bear Week

A famous P’Town event in the summer is Bear Week where the gay community come out and lie in the sun, go to themed parties and have a great amount of fun! It adds to the vibrant culture of this beautiful town attracting people from around the world and ensuring that a good time is had by all!

Bear Week

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3. Race Point Beach

A beautiful beach with an amazing landscape, Race Point Beach is famous for sunbathers where you can lazily lounge around soaking up the sun. For those who are a bit more active, there are great bike trails that you can follow.


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4. Dolphin and Whale Watching

An absolutely incredible experience which you will never forget and want to repeat over and over again! Here you are guaranteed a thrilling adventure where you will see the likes of dolphins, humpback and finback whales, porpoises and seals to name a few! Sounds amazing!

Whale Watching

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5. Beech Forest Trail

Described as an essential activity, the Beech Forest Trail is a mile loop just outside Provincetown and an incredible experience. It is described as a home to New England paradise. Here you are exposed to a huge amount of enchanting forest bits and pieces such as rare orchids, huge beech trees, frogs, tons of different bird species to name but a few. It sounds enchanting and the best part is that people of all ages can come and enjoy family time in beautiful paradise.

Beech Forest Trail

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6. Provincetown Library

Provincetown Public Library is a nationally registered historic place which was given to Provincetown in 1873. It is recommended by everyone who has visited it. One of the awesome and most famous part is that they have a 55 foot boat dominating the upstairs of the library, incredible!

Library use

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7. Provincetown Entertainment

Provincetown is famous for its eclectic, diverse entertainment and nightlife it offers. It never disappoints! You can find the likes of dancing venues, drag shows, piano bars, movies and cabarets. The tea dance is a firm famous favorite for summer time in the sun!


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8. Unique Shopping Experiences

Provincetown shopping is known as anything but routine in the cosmopolitan climate. Along Commercial Street are Provincetown’s stunning art galleries, beautiful clothing and antique boutiques, handcrafted jewelry stores and home furnishing shops. Get ready for a lot of shopping!

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9. American History

Provincetown is famous for it’s major part in the history of America. It is where the Pilgrims first arrived in 1620 and wrote America’s first constitution called the “Mayflower Compact”. The Provincetown museum is quaint and old-fashioned and offers education around the towns rich history including the likes of the arrival of the Pilgrims, the building of the monument and the early days of modern American theater.

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10. Art & Culture

Provincetown is known as an absolute haven for artists of all kind. Be that painters, writers, actors and actresses, musicians and sculptors. It is a community with palpable energy and draws artists to the town year after year. There are also a great number of museums to visit to get exposure and extra knowledge to all of this. A few must places to visit include the Provincetown Theater, Fine Arts Work Center, the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum. Do it all!!

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11. P’Town Events and Festivals

The residents of P’Town are proud of their various festivals on offer, their most famous one is the Gay Carnival. It is said to be the liveliest week in P’Town filled with parades and performances. Others include the annual Portuguese Festival, the Jazz Festival, Provincetown Fringe Festival, a Jazz Festival and the Provincetown International Film Festival, wow it’s definitely a place to be!


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12. Seafood Treats

Your vacation is definitely not complete until you enjoy amazing seafood featuring locally-caught delightful arrays of delicious fish. Go and have a great lunch and dinner spoiling yourself with all the seafood treats!

Seafood use

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