22 Stunning Naturally Colorful Places Around The World You Should Visit

There are a lot of stunning places which you can visit around the world. Most of these places are so surreal you can’t imagine how beautiful they are! If you love travelling and seeing new and wonderful places, these 22 colorful sites found around the world are definitely places to visit and experience.

Blooming Pink...

Flickr: Rohit

1. Valley of Flowers National Park, India

The stunningly beautiful Valley of Flowers which is nestled high in the Himalayas take on various shades of colors from August to September. This World Heritage Site is believed by locals to be inhabited by fairies. If you see this place, you might believe it, too!

Five-Flower Lake 五花海

Flickr: Melinda ^..^

2. Five Flower Lake, China

Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan, China


Pink phlox flower carpet. Hitsujiyama-park,Chichibu city,Saitama

Flick: gk.jp

3. Hitsujiyama Park, Chichibu city,Saitama, Japan

Oh, so pink!

Great Barrier of Reef

Flickr: Gus NYC

4. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia


Yuanyang County, China; The farming techniques in Yuanyang County have created a landscape which is truly amazing from the air. These rice fields are located on the slopes of Ailao Mountain, where the terraced levels help create flat surfaces along an une

Flickr: Ibrahim Conteh

5. Yuanyang County, China

This amazing landscape which can be fully appreciated from the air is created by the unique farming techniques in Yuanyang County in China.

Rolling Hills of Purple

Flickr: Michael Blanchette

6. Lavender Fields, Valensole, Provence Region, France


Hiller Lake (Pink Lake)

Flickr: Buy Cruise Holidays

7. Lake Hillier, Western Australia

Pink against the green – who wouldn’t notice this lake? The Hillier Lake is located on Middle Island, one of the islets of the Recherche Archipelago in the western part of Australia.

The Alps in Braunwald, Switzerland

Flickr: dabananabunch

8. Braunwald, Switzwerland

This place simply wants to make you sing – about living hills, and beautiful mornings, and sheep with bells…


This is an unique Red Seabeach in Panjin!!

Flickr: Vanti Li

9. Red Sea Beach, China

It’s a beach. And it’s red.

it's tulip time.. (6)

Flickr: leuntje

10. Tulip Fields, Netherlands


Grand Prismatic Spring

Flickr: Tjflex2

11. Grand Prismatic Hot Spring, Wyoming

Land's End, Day's End

Flickr: Paul Newcombe

12. Land’s End, Cornwall, England

Beautiful not just at sunset, for sure.


Sunrise on Lake Moraine

Flickr: Filippo Bianchi

13. Alberta, Canada

Canola Ocean

Flickr: Mike Leung

14. Luoping, China


Woody Point Pelicans 2

Flickr: Michael Dawes

15. Shark Bay, Australia

There will be no reason to not love the sea once you see this place.

Pamukkale, Turkey

Flicker: Ian Kindred

16. Pamukkale, Turkey

The sedimentary rock or travertine deposited by the surrounding hot springs sculpted the terraces Pamukkale is known for.


Wisteria Flower Tunnel, Japan

Flickr: vanes sim

17. Kawachi Fuji Gardens, Japan

And here, ladies and gentlemen, is a Wisteria Flower Tunnel

Tulip field

Flickr: Koku85

18. Hokkaido, Japan

Tulip field, Kamiyubetsu


Bailey's Pond, Vermont

Filckr: David O’Brien

19. Vermont in Autumn

Colorful stairs

Flickr: Fabio Ramírez

20. Caño Cristales River, Colombia


Skilpad Wildflower Preserve

Flickr: Malcolm Manners

21. Namaqualand, Namibia

Fireweed, Brotherhood Park, Mendenhall Peaks, Juneau, Alaska

Flickr: Teodoru Iustinian

22. Juneau, Alaska

Fireweed, Brotherhood Park, Mendenhall Peaks, Juneau, Alaska