5 Best Places for Wall Diving

The View from the Wall
1. Cayman Islands

Source: Flickr Kevin Eddy

The View from the Wall
Diving along BBB Wall in Grand Caymans Northern wall section. Wonderful diving. Brown Tube Sponge in the foreground. Wall starts around 60′ – 70′ and goes down to approximately 4000′


2. Cozumel, Mexico

Source: Flickr Goran Lindmark

Cozumel & Playa


Diving in Palau
3. Palau

Source: Flickr Emily Whale

Diving is the most popular activity in Palau. These diving sites are ideal for snorkelers. They are able to witness large numbers of sharks, mantas, wreckage of World War II. The Rock Islands are a perfect backdrop for everyday snorkeling activities. You would not want to get out of the water because of the wonderful species of corals and fish.


Hooded nudibranchs
4. British Columbia, Canada

Source: Flickr Jody Clark

Hooded nudibranchs


Scuba diving off the Bay Islands
5. Bay Islands, Honduras

Source: Flickr Kyle Hammons

Scuba diving off the Bay Islands in Honduras