10 Of The Greatest Classic American Road Trips

The great American Road Trip is considered a rite of passage and few things in life are more liberating than a road trip in summertime! In no particular order:

1. Route 66, Illinois to California


Source: The Internet Traveller

Reason Why? Iconic Mother Road associated with American psyche.


2. Eastern Shoreline, Asbury Park, New Jersey to Outer Banks, North Carolina


Source: GeoGarage

Reason Why? Quaint beaches, pleasant fishing villages, historic sites.


3. Columbia River Scenic Highway, Oregon


Source: Dena Weigel Bell

Reason Why? Breathtaking landscapes, waterfalls, mountain views and plenty of pull-offs.


4. Big Sky Country, Cooke City, Montana to Red Lodge, Montana


Source: Around Dusty Roads

Reason Why? Breathtaking scenery, wildlife, 20 mountain peaks and 10,000 stunning lakes


5. Great Mississippi River Road, Minnesota to Louisiana


Source: Panoramio

Reason Why? The mighty Mississippi River, Huckleberry Fynn country, delta, river boat cruises.


6. Overseas Highway, Miami to Key West, Florida


Source: Queri Dagreta

Reason Why? Feel like you hovering above the water, swim with dolphins, eat fish and chips.


7. Pacific Coast Highway, Monterey, to Morro Bay, California


Source: Big Sur Lodging

Reason Why? Mountains, oceans with a thin strip of asphalt in between.


8. Hill Country Highways, Texas

Texas Hills

Source: Resort La Cantera

Reason Why? Deep canyons, swift rivers, the world of the movies.


9. Great Lakes, Dunkirk to Cape Vincent, New York


Source: Niagra Falls Live

Reason Why? Niagra Falls, lakes and ocean.


10. Maui’s Hana Coast, Hawaii


Source: National Geographic

Reason Why? Picturesque coastlines, verdant jungles, black sand beaches and waterfalls.

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