Your Ultimate Camping Checklist – 11 Essential Items To Bring

1. Shelter (Camping tent, mat, ground cloth)

Your shelter is the most crucial thing you need to bring on your next holiday camping. Besides providing you from getting rain-soaked, your shelter can protect you. Protecting yourself from exposure is an important thing since you will be going to an area where you do not know what to expect.




2. Axe or Hammer

These 2 things can make your camping life easier by cutting trees and leaves to pave your way, or clear-out a certain space from irregularities for your site camp. Both can be a self defense tool if needed too.



3. First-aid Kit

Your first aid kit is very, very important when camping away from civilization, with no hospital nearby. Make sure your first aid kit has all the essential things like antiseptic, thermometer, cotton balls, adhesive bandage, soap, pressure dressing and basic medicines.



4. Flashlight

Always, at all times, bring a flashlight while camping. Choose LED flashlights for its batteries lasts longer. Head lamps will come in handy too as your hands will be free from holding it and its light actually directs automatically to the site you want to point it to. Bring extra batteries too.



5. Matches, Lighter and Candles

Yes you brought your flashlight but it did not last long. Having a back-up always is a huge help. Bring some candles, a lighter and a match.



6. Plastic cups, forks and plates

Plastic’s weight is very light compared to your normal kitchen utensils; it can help you a lot.




7. Plastic bags

You can never have enough plastic bags while camping. These can help you from putting trash away, segregating your things up to your need to throw-up and a lot more.




8. Swiss knife

A Swiss knife tool would be great for any camping situation. It can help you cut things, it can help you cook and eat.



9. Thermos

This thing can help you retain your water’s current state; either you want it to stay hot or cold. A 3 liters thermos can be a huge help for you and your companions as it can hold 3 liters of water. There are varieties of light weighted thermos that can be attached with your camping bag.

Coffee break


10. Board games

Chances are, you won’t get a phone reception when you’re camping. Bring several board games you and your companion will enjoy. This is a great opportunity to bond without the distraction of technology.



11. Safety lock for your gadgets

Of course we want to capture those rare shots and moments while camping. Make sure to bring safety plastic locks for your gadgets to protect them from water and other things that can probably harm them.