13 Things You Might Hate About Camping…

In Jo Piazza‘s article for Yahoo! Travel, she compiled 17 things that will make camping worse. We list down 13 of them, it’s the things that we can really relate to.

13 Things You Might Hate About Camping…

Image source: Flickr - sookie
Image source: Flickr – sookie

1. Your camp neighbors. We’ve all had annoying campsite neighbors. There’s the guy who thinks he is Bear Grylls who keeps trying to trap the local rodents for dinner. There are the frat boys who really just wanted to have a kegger in the woods and the bachelorette party girls who have never camped before.

2. Bug Bites. Mosquitos, ticks, fleas, ants that bite. They’re all out to get you.

Image source: Flickr - Howard Ignatius
Image source: Flickr – Howard Ignatius

3. Those clowns in the RV. They always leave the generator running all night.

4. Tent spikes. Why is one tent spike always missing? Why? Someone counted them before you left the house. They were all there. Now one is missing and it is making tent construction terrible.

Image source: Flickr - anaxolotl
Image source: Flickr – anaxolotl

5. That guy. There is always that guy who gets up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and knocks over all the pots causing a bear panic

6. Bear panic. Real panic does exist and it is terrible.

Image source: Flickr - vmiramontes
Image source: Flickr – vmiramontes

7. Campsites next to the toilets. Need we say more?

8. Eternally greasy dishes and mugs. They may never be clean again.


Image source: Flickr - Brian Yap
Image source: Flickr – Brian Yap

9. Shoes in the tent. No matter how many times you tell all of the people to take their shoes off before they get into the tent, no one ever listens to you.

Image source: Flickr - Peter Prehn
Image source: Flickr – Peter Prehn

10. Red tape. Campgrounds can often be more bureaucratic than France. They simply adore rules. Having to make reservations for a campsite is exhausting. Real campers just want to get up and get out there.

11. Hidden fees. You thought you had found a free or inexpensive campsite. You were wrong. There is a fee for parking, a fee for dogs, a fee to use the toilet, a fee to enter the park. There’s even a fee to cancel once you’ve learned about all of these fees.

Image source: Flickr - Pat Scullion
Image source: Flickr – Pat Scullion

12. Camp hangovers. Drinking that bottle of whiskey/red wine/gin seemed like such a good idea when everyone was telling stories around the campfire, but come 7 in the morning the sun won’t let you sleep in and the nearest egg and cheese sandwich is a three hour hike away.

13. When you drink all the whiskey the first night out. Where are you going to get another bottle?