6 Best Places to Visit in 2016

Are you looking for the best getaway trip this 2016? Whether staying close at home or travelling to the far flung reaches of the globe, going on a personal journey is still one of the best ways to remove stress and recharge one’s self. Here are 6 places that are worth visiting in 2016.

Best Places to Visit in 2016

1. Jerusalem


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With its long historical ties with Judaism, Christianity and Islam, Jerusalem is the perfect destination for the spiritually inclined. Jerusalem also offers its visitors a once in a lifetime experience to personally visit sacred religious sites like the Dome of the Rock, Temple Mount, and the Western Wall. Visitors in the Old City of Jerusalem can also experience the modern city of Jerusalem by taking a tour to the western parts of Jerusalem, most especially to Mahane Yehuda market.

2. Hong Kong


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If you are planning to go on an Asian Trip, Then Hong Kong will be great stop. The attractions in Hong Kong are as diverse and unique as mainland China itself. Try visiting Hong Kong’s street markets that offers all sorts of goods and the most tasteful cuisines that will leave you wanting for more. The best thing about Hong Kong is its cheap tram rides that can take you anywhere with the least cost possible.

3. Maldives


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If you want seclusion, then Maldives is your answer.

This tropical paradise with its beautiful white sands and turquoise colored waters is the most desired destination for vacation goers around the world. The 1,000 tiny islands that make up this incredible and stunning archipelago is also perfect when one wants to experience the colorful collection of marine lives that are native to the place. While the price of a Maldives getaway may not come cheap, the experience and everything that you have been imagining about what paradise looks like will be satisfied once you set foot on the beaches of Maldives.

4. Rio de Janeiro


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There are a lot of exciting activities in Rio de Janeiro these days. Millions of tourists will flock this beautiful country this year because it will be the site of the 2016 Olympic Games. When Rio opens its doors to its visitors, it will offer them its gorgeous beaches, beautiful gardens, delicious cuisines, stylish neighborhoods, and most especially its beautiful people. But before you leave Rio, go and visit one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Christ the Redeemer.

5. Washington, D.C.


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Who wouldn’t want to visit our nation’s capital? The place is historic, beautiful, and most importantly, most attractions are free. You can watch all the exhibits at the Smithsonian Institution, tour the Capitol Building and visit the Library of Congress without spending a dime. Some other must see attractions when visiting the Capital are the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, and the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.

6. London


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The British author Samuel Johnson once said, “By seeing London, I have seen as much of life as the world can show.”

If you are in London, there are a lot of places to visit in this modern city. Even if London is much known these days for its fashion, pub culture, and modern neighborhoods, London can also offer a glimpse of its great history by visiting the British Museum, Westminster Abbey, and the Imperial War Museum for free. If you are lucky, you may even have a chance to watch the ceremonial changing of the guard at the Buckingham Palace or see some of the royal family in person.