America’s 10 Best and Fun Water Trips!

Cool water, wind blowing in your face, and the thrill of adventure or racing. In different water sports there is never a dull moment. You will have fun, experience an adrenaline rush, and enjoy it to the core. Enumerated below are 10 of America’s best and fun water trips and the website of their recommended guides!

1.) White Water Rafting in Grand Canyon Colorado River, Arizona

Image source: Flickr - Alan English CPA
Image source: Flickr – Alan English CPA

The Colorado River through the Grand Canyon is the premier, multi-day rafting trip on the North American continent, offering 226 miles of big water excitement set in one of the most beautiful desert canyons on Earth. Trips can range from six-day, motor-driven tours to 16-day, luxury-rafting getaways that feature gourmet food and breathtaking side hikes.

Recommended Guides to Use: Arizona River Runners


2.) Sailing in Key West, Florida

Image source: Flickr - Sathish J
Image source: Flickr – Sathish J

The Florida Keys is the ultimate paradise for boaters, and Key West is the crowning jewel. The southernmost city has bragging rights for the best sunset on the continent.

Recommended Guide: Classic Harbor Line


3.) Windsurfing in Maui

Image source: Flickr - David Winnie
Image source: Flickr – David Winnie

Maui really is the windsurfing capital of the world, the place where professional windsurfers converge. Temperatures are in the 80s, the scenery is exotic and trade winds sweep through from May to October.

Recommended Guide: The Maui Windsurf Company


4.) Water-Skiing in Orlando

Image source: Flickr - Sean O'Shaughnessy
Image source: Flickr – Sean O’Shaughnessy

One of the reasons that Orlando became, and continues to be, the go-to place for skiing is that it does one thing better than almost any other locale in the world: entertain people. That’s especially important now. Over time, people have come to expect much more out of their ski school trip. Whereas in the past it was a mostly utilitarian experience designed to reap maximum athletic returns, today it’s usually wrapped into a vacation.

Recommended Guide: Aktion Parks


5.) Wakeboarding in Colorado River, US Southwest

Image source: Flickr - Zach Dischner
Image source: Flickr – Zach Dischner

The cool and still water combined with the hot weather make the Colorado River one of the most popular water-ski locations in the US. The summer is an especially good time to go since there are so many activities going on. If you’re so inclined, you may also want to check out the annual speedboat races.

Recommended Guide: Big Air Inc.


6.) Motor Boat Driving in Seattle Washington

Image source: Flickr - Matty Ring
Image source: Flickr – Matty Ring

Geographically, Seattle is flat-out ideal for boating and the outdoor lifestyle. You hear about the gray weather, but those who live here do not let that (whether fact or somewhat exaggerated fact) dampen their zeal. All of it is surrounded by the scenic beauty of the Olympic and Cascade Mountains, forested islands and peninsulas, as well as the urban scenery and amenities of Seattle.

Recommended Guide: Seattle Parks and Recreation


7.) Canoeing in Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Superior National Forest, Minnesota

Image source: Flickr - Alan Strakey
Image source: Flickr – Alan Strakey

One of the most famous paddles in the country if not the most famous is the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in Northern Minnesota. The Area contains more than 1200 miles of canoe routes and upwards of 2000 campsites.

Recommended Guide: USDA Forest Service


8.) Kayaking in Cumberland Island, Georgia

Image source: Flickr - Mary Fairchild
Image source: Flickr – Mary Fairchild

Often renowned as the premier sea-kayaking destination in the Southeast, Cumberland Island is one of the largest undeveloped barrier islands in the world. Cumberland Island rests in the Atlantic Ocean just off the Georgia coast.
If you want to go kayaking on this stunning, pristine island, be sure to plan ahead for your trip. The only way to get to Cumberland Island is by private boat or ferry service from St. Marys, Georgia, and the National Park Service only allows 300 people on the island at the time.

Recommended Guide: Up The Creek Expeditions


9.) Jetpacking in Newport Beach California

Image source: Flickr - Cayobo
Image source: Flickr – Cayobo

Jetpacking is like skydiving, jet skiing, parasailing and scuba diving all rolled into one and it provides a fun and unique alternative to the same old surf lessons, paddleboards, jet ski or zipline tour.

Recommended Guide: Jet Pack America


10.) Snorkeling in Crystal River, Florida

Image source: Flickr - Joseph Detrick
Image source: Flickr – Joseph Detrick

This Gulf Coast locale is one of the best places in the world to get up close and per­sonal with the West Indian Man­a­tee. Man­a­tees are a pro­tected species, so a bit of plan­ning and eti­quette are required. Crys­tal River offers guided man­a­tee snor­kel­ing tours through the pro­tected estu­ar­ies and springs. You can go all year all year. In winter there are more manatees, but in summer there are fewer crowds.

Recommended Guide: American Pro Diving Center