10 Dizzying Daring Extreme Winter Sports

1. Ice climbing in Alaska

1 Source: Mica Guides


2. Playground in Alaska

Playground in Haines, Alaska, is in the northern part of the Alaska Panhandle, near Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve. During the 21st century, Haines has twice set a local record for snowfall: for the 2006−2007 season it received 309 inches of snow, a record broken during the 2011−2012 season, when it received 360 inches.

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3. Don’t look down!

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4. Extreme Skiing

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5. Ice Climbing up a frozen waterfall.

5 Source: Buzzfeed


6. Glacier Boarding

6 Source: Jeff Curtes


7. Ski Jumping in Alta, Utah

7 Source: National Geographic


8. Skiing

Athlete Noah Wetzel gets updside down with a monster backflip in the Rocky Point backcountry at Alta Ski resort in Utah.

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9. Extreme snow cycling

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10. Snowboarding

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