Various kinds of faculties: associated with the learning student and employee of a company

Various kinds of faculties: associated with the learning student and employee of a company

Characteristics regarding the pupil through the place of practice

Traits regarding the pupil through the place of practice is a document which contains an assessment for the professional knowledge and training regarding the student, his company and private qualities through the manufacturing or practice that is pre-diploma.

Characteristics of this student is published by a workers department worker or because of the mind associated with the organizational product when the student passed the training and it is supplied towards the institution that is educational.

Just how to compose a characteristics on a pupil

Characteristics of this student through the destination of training is written into the past tense (for instance, worked, performed, revealed, etc.).

The form of the pupil trainee profile provides the information that is following

  • The date;
  • Title associated with document;
  • complete name of pupil, time and place of practice;
  • description of the ongoing work done;
  • Evaluation of professional training and knowledge, business and personal qualities of a learning student who has been exercising;
  • Signatures of authorized people associated with organization, which issues a characteristic, a seal.

Characteristic of this worker

Traits of a worker is a document which has an evaluation for the worker’s business characteristics and a description of their work activity. Traits regarding the worker might be required during the embassy for visa processing, whenever employing a member of staff an additional organization, etc., along with a medical and institution that is preventive throughout the passing of a medical and social expertise, medical and labor expert commission.

Simple tips to compose a characteristic of a worker

In accordance with the structure of writing, the characteristic for the worker resembles the traits through the accepted place of work while the faculties of this student through the place of training.

Special attention should really be paid to your traits of a worker for the medical institution and a bureau of medical and social expertise. It is issued on a particular form, which offers the after information:

  • name regarding the worker;
  • the name associated with organization and division where in fact the worker works, the target;
  • position, qualification and work training with this position;
  • specialty, professional certification;
  • functional responsibilities;
  • hygienic characteristics of working conditions;
  • utilization of a plan that is individual
  • breaks in work because of disease;
  • usage of lightened working conditions (if any);
  • details about the transfer to a different work for the just last year due towards the disease;
  • the likelihood of rational work into the organization;
  • other information.

The date of dilemma of the characteristics when it comes to worker, the signature associated with relative head associated with the enterprise or perhaps the head of this personnel department and also the company’s stamp are positioned below.

Traits through the place of work

Traits through the destination of tasks are a document which contains an evaluation associated with the professional activity of this employee, his business and private characteristics.

Traits through the workplace are issued for distribution to many other companies – into the bank for obtaining a loan, to your military commissariat, court, income tax, etc. and for used in the company – whenever transferring the employee to some other position, to another department, to find out its compliance because of the place held, when imposing charges etc.

Just how to compose faculties through the office

The characteristic is printed in present or time that is pastfor example, works or worked, performs or done).

It has the following information:

  • Title for the document;
  • individual information of this employee (complete name, year of birth, training);
  • info on labor activity (duration of work with this organization, roles held, functional duties);
  • evaluation of expert activities (achievements in work, awards, incentives or charges that were applied throughout the work);
  • evaluation associated with employee’s business and personal qualities (relationship with peers, behavior in stressful situations, power to organize a work process, perform tasks and projects in a top-quality and on time, power to make choices in unusual circumstances, simply take responsibility, etc.);
  • all about extra education, advanced training courses;
  • For what purpose and where the characteristics are given from the accepted workplace (when provided with other companies);
  • signatures of authorized folks of the business, which issues the characteristics, a seal;
  • the date associated with the document.

The traits were created regarding the company letterhead.